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6 feet social distancing

Happy holidays Generations family! You are, each of you, in my thoughts as I reflect on what has been accomplished this year and how everyone pulling together made it possible.

As we approach Christmas and other beloved winter holidays under generally worsening positivity rates and pandemic conditions, I wish to ask of you, once again, to do all you can to keep yourself healthy and safe. Cherishing the Vitality of all members of our Community starts with cherishing yourself. Please celebrate the season within your household bubble. Please avoid travel and unnecessary outings. If you cannot avoid gatherings, please ensure all attendees followed 14-day precautionary quarantines and be aware of your exposure risks to know if you should quarantine after. Our COVID protocol asks all residents who leave campus to attend any gathering or for overnight visits quarantine for 14 days on return.
There are many tools out there to put needed information at your fingertips. As the 6ft social distancing guidance focuses on droplets, but gatherings are impacted by both droplets and aerosols, MIT has developed an online tool to help people generally understand their infection risks (how many minutes people can safely be together) based on variables – room size, ceiling height, ventilation, windows in use, number of people, mask type/mask wearing, etc. It’s fascinating to see what small changes can do to minimize risk.
Another piece of information at your fingertips is our recorded Generations vaccine webinar presentation. While it does not have the benefit of a live ‘Q&A’, many questions are discussed here on our Youtube channel:
Lastly, while you are priority 1 for the vaccine, you may have loved ones whose opportunity will be later. The NY Times has an online estimator tool to help determine where someone might fall in the ‘vaccine line’ – a good reminder of how important continued caution is, even with our vaccine clinics soon to be scheduled and underway, because many are waiting.
Thank you for being part of our family, for your patience during this challenging year, and for safely finding joy in all there is to celebrate at this precious time of year.
All my best,


Signature of Melody Gabriel, CEO of Generations Family Foundation

Melody Gabriel, CEO