Covid Communication & Resources

This Sunday we celebrate an amazing gift to all of us – mothers. It won’t be the same, as we won’t be able to get together as normal, hug, give (or, for some of you, get) presents, share a meal, or any number of other traditions we each have. Nonetheless, celebrate we will as we adopt to the needs of the moment.
For all that I wish we could postpone Mother’s Day until it can be celebrated with our favorite traditions and closeness, maybe this holiday brings us something we need right in this moment. As a I child, I remember when I was scared, my mother was there to hold me, talk to me, and make me feel better. When I was sick or hurt, mom was be there, with care and kindness to start the healing process and provide calm and comfort. In my childhood memories, my mom was amazing. With the perspective of adulthood, she remains an amazing person I am lucky and blessed to celebrate. Watching my wife be such a similar pillar of strength and love for our children, I cannot help but feel awe for the incredible gift it is to have such a person in your life.
While Mother’s Day is about cherishing and honoring those women we love, right now as our world is rocked like never before, maybe there is a gift hidden in the holiday for us too. Reflecting on a lifetime of strong caring woman in my life brings memories of their influence during turmoil. I am reminded both of times of fear and uncertainty, but also what overcoming and healing past it looked like – and so much of that was in the example they set or with the good sense they imparted.
I do not know exactly how we get through this, but I do know that we will and I take strength from what my mother showed me growing up. She would say if we stick together with love, respect, and discipline, and do the right things for all of us, we will ALL be better for it. She is usually right.
This Mother’s Day let’s thank and love every mother. Let’s remember to do it while adhering to best practices for dealing with this nasty virus. Wash hands, physical distance, wear a mask, and respect guidelines that protect residents and staff.
And, to our mothers out there, I send awe, love, and a wish for a very happy Mother’s Day to you all.
With gratitude,

Chip Gabriel, Executive Chairman