Covid Communication & Resources

It’s almost here and our residents and staff members will have priority ~

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Two doses! Both vaccines under review will require two doses (one 21 days and the other 28 days apart). The 1st dose primes the system, but the 2nd dose puts protection in place.*
  • It gets you ready to fight! The injection gives your cells instructions to make a protein – your body will respond and if it sees it again, it’ll know just how to take it on the virus.
  • It is safe! Normal trials might have 3-5,000. These had 30-50,000! Even on an accelerated timeline, no steps were skipped, including independent expert review. This injection does not use actual virus and cannot give you COVID-19.*
  • It is effective! It’s waaay up there – 94-95% effective. (Polio is 99%, Measles 97%, Chickenpox 70%, Flu 44%)*
  • The majority will feel no reaction! Some will experience mild to moderate side effects (headache, fatigue, fever, sore at injection site) but only for a day or two.*
  • Clinics onsite at our communities will make it easy! Vaccine clinics on campus will serve all our residents and staff and make it as quick and easy (and fun?) as possible.
  • Zero cost to you! Vaccines themselves are free. Administration fees of onsite clinics are also covered for all – insured or not.*
  • Vaccines by State! For rollout simplicity, speed, and to ensure correct 2nd doses, the State will select the specific vaccine type for partnered pharmacies to use.*
  • Vaccines safety net! Even if one has had COVID-19, a vaccine is highly recommended for strong, safe, longer-term protection.*
  • COVID-19 vs coronavirus! The vaccine is designed to help the body stop the virus so, if you pick it up in future, it does not develop into COVID-19.*
  • Keep the masks! After vaccines clinics are complete, we will continue most of our COVID precautions for the time being – particularly screening, masks, physical distancing. After vaccination, in future your body may find itself successfully fighting this coronavirus. While it does, it may be possible to be infect others who are not vaccinated.
  • ‘When’ is TBD… but getting closer (very close!) We will let you know as soon as onsite clinics are officially scheduled!

*Sources: CDC, CALA, DSS, American Health Care Association (AHCA), National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL)