Last week I shared with you our thoughts around staying strong. It seems appropriate amid the apex of this crisis that we all address the elephant in the room. The fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear around how long this will last, fear of what a new normal might look like for us. It can be paralyzing.

Here is what I know for sure, our Generations family has a deep love for the work we do. Our caregivers, nurses, waitstaff, housekeeping team, Vitality crew, and all of the special people who serve, serve with a higher purpose. The courage drawn from this higher purpose allows us to push through the fear and focus on action. We are warriors and yes, we do experience fear. We give it a little hug and then let it go on its way. The love we have for our work does not leave room in our hearts for fear.

Company-wide, a few things to know:

Our commitment to communication.  We want to keep you abreast of changes as new information becomes available. To allow for predictable and regular, but not overwhelming communication, we will provide you with a weekly update letter.  At your community there will be additional weekly communication, as needed.

Cherishing transparency. Currently, across all campuses, here is the most updated information about any positive cases for our people.

Montage Ridge: 1 resident, 4 employees

Paradise Village Parkview: 1 employee

Cherishing our staff.  We are excited to roll out features and perks of our “hero pay and benefits” for the months of April and May, designed as a multi-faceted approach to supporting and honoring our team during this challenge.

Our commitment to enhancing our protocols even further. We are never done in the work of fine tuning our approach. Below you will find a list of some of the many of the steps we are taking to ensure a thorough and effective response.

Some ongoing and evolving actions include:

  • All of our communities continue to be in close alignment with official guidelines and recommendations.
  • We continue with recommended and best practice infection control procedures, including residents self-isolating in their apartments.
  • Internal teams continue with a schedule of around the clock disinfection.
  • We implemented universal facemask requirement for all staff and outside individuals on campus.
  • Where appropriate, we have/will implement droplet precautions with the use of N95 masks, face shields, and full PPE for any resident that tests positive for COVID-19 and other residents nearby.
  • We are generally assigning duties to limit staff to specific areas of the community (“cohorting”) to reduce campus-wide interaction.
  • We continue to monitor all residents in care daily, keeping a sharp and educated eye out for our growing list of potential, and any remotely associated, COVID-19 symptoms and for changes in behavior or condition.
  • We are maintaining important critical emergency supplies and are working tirelessly with vendors and local public health departments to sustain them.
  • We continue to screen everyone who enters and have increased criteria for entry.
  • We continue to not permit visitors at this time (excepting for end of life circumstances) and invite residents to engage with loved ones via phone, text, facetime, etc. Our team is happy to assist.
  • Our Vitality teams continue to focus on engaging our residents but limiting physical contact, encouraging engagement from within apartments while we continue our self-isolation policy. Group activities remain suspended, but hallway activities at doorways continue. Memory care teams focus on lots of one on ones.
  • We are preparing for the potential of sheltering staff who wish it, to limit potential of their being exposed to coronavirus in public, off-duty, or at home.
  • We have been actively hiring staff and maintaining staffing ratios to ensure we have a good pool of back up so only healthy staff are serving.
  • All staff who call out for any reason possibly related to symptoms are being interviewed by HR.
  • We have taken steps to cherish our employees through the unique needs of this challenge, providing free shift meals, strategizing childcare, getting creative with our hours, and ensuring a full complement of leadership all days of the week.

Melody Gabriel, CEO