Covid Communication & Resources

We build or grow our communities on a dream of what we can be together. We picture that those who live here will take ownership of an opportunity to engage in a new definition of family, finding caring friends and loving staff, ready support, and an environment of amenities, engagement, and activity that fosters whatever Vitality journey is most personally meaningful. We picture that those who work here will find themselves belonging to a sort of movement – a calling to serve with excellence, heart, and dedication – and that here they will find a place in which to grow, contribute, and bring their best selves. We picture that all those on the outside but associated with our communities will admire our family culture and dedication to values and see a profound understanding of the ‘why’ of what we do clear in our choices and actions. It is a dear thing to build a community with a dream of what we want it to be and what we are aiming for – a community of people together, enhancing each other’s lives and celebrating living.

In the face of a pandemic that has made us pause hugs, cover smiles with masks, and challenges enjoyed moments of togetherness, this vision is harder to pursue. It takes more imagination, creativity, and a great deal of patience and teamwork. However, the world chooses to act in an era of coronavirus, our communities will take care to defend our people.

The recent murder of George Floyd and all the erupting heartbreak, anger, frustration, fear, and grief across the country from years and years of experiences that have broken dreams and crushed opportunity brings to light another challenge and we see it as another call to care for our people, for us to care for each other. We are passionate about having an inclusive loving home and work environment committed to recognizing and calling out racism and prejudice

Our cherished values are rooted in a tradition of listening and hearing all voices, in celebrating the cultural vibrancy we have when everyone feels valued as an individual, safe to share who they are, and free to be honest about what they need. Many use the term family. We mean it. I invite everyone in our Generations universe to engage in actions that support our dream – a community sense of home, enhancing each other’s lives, cherishing each other – because the comfort of being heard and the grounding of being a family matter. Please find ways to show an extra share of love or kindness this week. Simple and small acts can speak volumes and may help as we process and grieve the pain around us and within.


Thank you for standing with us.

Melody Gabriel, CEO