Covid Communication & Resources

We are at a somewhat exciting moment! Our communities are entering a new phase of planning and it will allow us to slowly start coming together again. Community leadership will share plans as their teams have all required pieces in place and local community guidelines give us the go-ahead.

As we come together more, an increased risk to each other is simply a reality. But a crucial piece for safely coming together again is the donning of a mask. Previously, our communities have advised and encouraged residents to wear masks outside of their apartment home. Hopefully, we have answered all resident questions about properly ‘donning and doffing’ a mask to avoid bringing contamination to it, and to your face. (Hand hygiene is critical to never touching a mask with dirty hands!)

In order to protect everyone, we are teaming up to have all residents wear a mask outside of their apartment home. We know some residents must have an exception for medical and tolerance issues. That is okay – we will work with those residents. It is also true that as dining rooms and cafés return to service, masks do not work while enjoying a meal.

We are keeping our communities safe and healthy and we are standing together as a family.

We are so excited to enjoy these next steps! Residents and family members, please stay tuned for specifics from your campus leadership and please stay safe and well.


Therese Achatz, VP of Operations