Covid Communication & Resources

While our people, our nation, and the world around us combats coronavirus, we find ourselves at the beginning of Easter weekend.  Those who celebrate this time of year will be familiar with the sense of hope and inspiration that is a fundamental part of it. It is a journey of faith. Easter starts with a profound sorrow, in the death of Jesus Christ, and its close brings a new beginning, a newly found elation and joy, with His resurrection.

As I reflect on the meaning of Easter, I find in it an illustration for much of what we are experiencing in this moment. Today we are living with sickness, loss, and fear, but we will get past it. We will come through this and step into a new chapter, and we will not be the same.

However, I believe in our recovery we will find ourselves better – better able to truly be in the moment, to cherish what and who we love, to feel the gifts in our life. I think in our new beginning we will carry with us a wisdom and truth that will allow more profound joy, clarity, and thankfulness. We will better appreciate what matters, and feel it in all those ‘little things’, hugging a friend, gathering together, seeing new places, abundant toilet paper…. The world is going to be a better place!

Whatever our faith, spirituality, or belief, we are blessed with each other and the precious gift of life. Thank you for cherishing it and each other, especially now, as we each fight separately, doing our part to secure our new beginning. Thank you for giving me hope and inspiration. I am in daily awe of the strength, determination, sacrifice, and love demonstrated in the actions of our employees, our residents, their families, our volunteers, and those individuals supporting our communities. The world will be a better place soon, and you are why.

You are in my thoughts and prayers this Easter, and always.


Chip Gabriel, Executive Chairman