While our mission is Enhancing Lives and Celebrating the Excitement of Living! and our first two values are Cherishing Our Residents and Cherishing Our Employees, in these extraordinary times we are adapting what this looks like. Not a single piece of guidance we have asked of our communities was done so without a great deal of thought. We know that sacrifices come with these requests. It comes down to the question of how do we more fundamentally cherish our people than by trying to put every potential safeguard in place to provide them a safe and healthy environment? Our strategy continues to evolve and today we ask our residents and staff to act again in defense of our community.

We are asking our residents to practice social distancing and to self-isolate. By this we ask that our residents become consummate role models in the fight against this novel coronavirus. This includes avoiding going out in public, limiting face-to-face interaction to 6 feet of distance, and staying home. This involves relying on online services for supplies and utilizing Vitality and Concierge staff to support whatever errands may be needed.

Our Vitality teams are here to make this request bearable! The concern and ingenuity that has poured out of this dedicated crew is something to behold. These teams love their residents and know our mission. Their passion has unleashed a flurry of cross-campus activity to find ways to make the best of this time. For our residents who require close observation or have very special needs that make self-isolation simply unreasonable, especially for our memory care residents, we are adapting as creatively as possible best practice protocols.

We are also asking our staff to also practice social distancing when appropriate and when off-campus to self-isolate as much as possible so that they can come to our campuses as healthy and risk-free as possible. This likewise includes avoiding public places and working with our leaders regarding any needs there may be that we can support.

We will be adding a voluntary staff survey in order to ascertain how we might be able to support staff needs currently and as things evolve. We know that each of us has many roles and we want to support the whole you of our staff, as best we can.

Thank you, everyone, for the role you play in our community. From those who care for and serve our residents with excellence, to the residents who are the colorful collection of personality, community, and culture that bring this campus alive, to the families who entrust us to be the home-like environment in which loved ones can thrive, we appreciate you greatly, perhaps now more than ever. My favorite stories are those of ordinary people doing extraordinary things – when people decide to take action in the face of uncommon challenge because they care too much to sit back and let the moment to make a difference pass by. Thank you for helping us do the extraordinary. We, like you, care too much to sit by.

Please check out community Facebook pages to see our teams in action. We welcome specific questions to By end of day today a dedicated number (971-804-3989) will be available for communication by voicemail and text messages.

Please take care of yourself, each other, and your family.

Melody Gabriel, CEO