Many of you have asked what our course of action would be in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 at our community. We are committed to keeping you updated and being transparent as we navigate this together, so we wanted to lay out an overview of our process.

Our response strategy, done with thoroughness and care, would be as follows:

  1. Immediately investigate detail of the suspected exposure or infection.
  2. Meet with leadership to share what is happening and talking points to ensure accurate information, consistency of response, and to protect the privacy of our individuals.
  3. Meet individually with staff and residents who may have been exposed and ensure appropriate actions are taken.
  4. Meet with our entire staff family, including our medical director, clinical consultants, and Generations Clinical Director to share what is happening, answer questions, and clarify additional measures that may be taken to ensure the health and safety of our community.
  5. Communicate with our entire resident family and their families to share what is happening and to invite questions.
  6. Deploy prepared action plans and support strategies, such as previously outlined, including escalation of PPE, altering staffing patterns to limit exposure, increase monitoring of adjacent residents in care, and increasing infection control protocol measures.

Our motto is families caring for families. You are who we care about and cherish. You are who we are fighting for when we make, yet again, one more adjustment to a procedure or ask you to bear with one more requirement or precaution. We cherish those who live and work in our communities and plan to care for you with every resource and best practice in our toolkit. Thank you for being in the fight with us. Future hugs to you all.

All my best,

Melody Gabriel, CEO