Covid Communication & Resources

These reasons, and more, are why out of 3,500 Generations residents and employees, we have had less than 2% positive COVID cases.  You have our promise that we will continue to be vigilant.  It is working.

1. Thriving Vitality Program – We’re finding innovative and safe ways for residents to engage through small group classes, outdoor activities and virtual programs.
2. Enhanced Safety Measures – Staff are following intense disinfection protocols several times throughout the day.
3. Transparent and Consistent Communication – Each community updates residents, family members, and employees through zoom calls, email, letters, and posting on our Generations website.
4. Steadfast and True Staff – Every employee has signed a personal commitment statement, which includes using good judgement while off-duty.
5. Dedication to Excellence – We require more of our teams in terms of standards and higher levels of precaution, and they continue to exceed our expectations.

6. Comprehensive Screening
We screen all staff and all visitors for risk
at a higher level than CDC recommendation, and ours were some of the first communities to do so.
7. Commitment to PPE – More than $1 million has been invested in PPE and we are continuously procuring community PPE before it is needed.
8. Visitation Options – We are going to great lengths to create options for visiting loved ones, such as visitation windows, hug walls, and outdoor spaces.
9. Masks are Mandatory – Absolutely everyone MUST wear a mask. No exceptions. We have had this mandate in effect since the earliest days of COVID.
10. Agility – We actively refine our strategies and policies in our COVID manual so that we can respond quickly and effectively.