Covid Communication & Resources

Many of you have reached out to ask how we are doing at Generations. Thank you for your interest and concern. Like so many companies are experiencing, we too find it a challenge to manage a business during these times, but it is also deeply inspiring. Unusual times ask more of us and ask for solutions of the strangest circumstances of our lifetimes. Behind the scenes a team of deeply dedicated employees are thinking of you and approaching each challenge with our mission and cherish values in mind, with the goal of supporting the service excellence expected of each of our community team members. More specifically, however, we are happy to share some updates on things we are working on, our current financial situation, and how we are serving those we care about.

In those moments when its challenging to have the personal determination to choose our attitude and keep a positive mindset, the energy level can be low and lightly depressed. The past 7 months have taken a toll on all of us in unique ways and we decided this was a good moment to seek inspiration from shared stories – which means we held a contest! Staff at Generations where challenged to come up with a companywide #hashtag for social media. The goal was simple: raise creative energy, have some fun, and bring the spirit of comradery. #GenerationsNation was the clear winner from Jasmin Hernandez at Carmel Village. We look forward to sharing ways we celebrate the #GenerationsNation on social media. Join us at: 

A Business Update
Over the past 76 years I have heard many stories, or lessons, from my dad and Generations founder, Wendell White, on how best to run a business such as ours. For those new to his story, Wendell literally grew up in senior living at the community his grandparents ran with the family and over the decades has dedicated himself to service excellence to seniors through operating communities focused on quality care and culture. From the background of this history, my dad recently reminded me that the events of 2020 are like no other he has ever witnessed in this industry. We are truly in uncharted times!

From a business perspective there are many challenges that are unique and unexpected to this pandemic. The investment in supplies and the task of sourcing supplies has been significant. Most of these expenses consist of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment, such as masks, face covers, gloves and gowns) and disinfectant supplies and services over and above normal costs. Many expenses include various hero benefits, including meals to staff to reduce the need to leave campus, as well as ongoing hero pay provided to employees of communities that faced COVID cases onsite at the start of the pandemic. Other emergency expenses include additional labor surrounding the time needed to follow infection control precautions for all departments for all aspects of their work, temporary staffing, ongoing staff testing expenses and testing labor, additional labor for reporting obligations, increased staff training, and food delivery supplies.

Although this dramatic increase in expenses is mostly “invisible” to the naked eye, we find that doing less is not a choice. We are committed to a pandemic strategy that holds safety, infection control, and wellness as its primary objectives. The goal of safe and healthy communities runs deep with both the Generations family as well as the owners. We are weathering this storm by balancing difficult decision and constantly fine tuning to be excellent stewards of your community.

Generation Medical Director
Dr. Reza Esfahani has joined us as the Generations Medical Director. He will assist us in testing efforts, serve as a reference point for clinical and infection control measures, and will provide support and insight in the event of COVID outbreaks. Dr Esfahani resides in Denver, Colorado and serves as the Acute Care Medical Director for our Montage Ridge and Montage Hills communities. We are grateful for his expertise and wisdom.

Generations Family Foundation
We are passionate about being there when emergency relief is needed for our cherished employees and residents. The Generations Family Foundation (GFF) is a non-profit focused on charitable giving to those in financial hardship because of an emergency. COVID has been a driving force in the lives of many. Application submissions have dramatically picked up, with most being related to urgent financial need due to the loss of employment of a spouse or significant other. The GFF team has been working diligently to quickly vet applications and meet with application review committees in order to get emergency financial support to our employees as quickly as possible.

These few highlights are just part of our work to ensure that we continue to be an operator of choice, and that Generations communities continue to be objects of industry admiration and environments our residents and employees are proud to be a part of. Thank you for being part of the #GenerationsNation. The best part of all of this is being in it together, even if 6 feet apart.

All my best,

Signature of Melody Gabriel, CEO of Generations Family Foundation

Melody Gabriel, CEO