Our communities continue to make us proud. Adapting to this mutual challenge is not easy – our residents face the work of staying engaged and our staff face the work of staying smartly ahead of the curve. In the face of all of it, extraordinary things are happening, and it reminds me of why this family has been in the service of senior living for 77 years. It is because the staff that are drawn to it have servant hearts and a personal drive to make a difference, and the residents who choose it are the ones who prioritize themselves. Our campuses are full of people I love and admire and, in times like this, I feel it the most.

The following are some actions and updates we think you may be interested in.

Our Vitality teams are our engagement champions, spearheading efforts to ward off the stir crazy and to prove that whole person well-being can happen. Our staff are focusing on daily face-to-face check-ins and, at our larger communities, are enlisting internal departments to reach all our Independent Living (IL) residents too. Face to face contact, using social distancing, and the delivery of various Vitality materials and newsletters and hallway activities, that allow social distancing, are helping to keep us connected. Resources for virtual/online experiences, entertainment, and fitness opportunities are being implemented, shared, and/or explored. Most importantly, especially as our campuses must be closed to visitors, teams are also working to ensure and/or facilitate communication between residents and loved ones, both by mail and electronically. Anyone looking for assistance is encouraged to contact Vitality staff.

On the staffing front, we are beefing up with active and careful hiring; doing round the clock training to maintain hand hygiene, infection control, and personal protective equipment (PPE) wearing protocols; and maintaining channels for clear communication as procedures are modified or enhanced. Our clinical teams working with our residents in assisted living and memory care and have sharp eyes on the look out to identify any changes in condition, every shift. Our Vitality teams are preparing to distribute personal “wellness logs” to our IL residents to encourage both tracking and communicating how they are feeling. While we are happy to have no COVID-19 cases at any community, we are nonetheless prepared, staffed, and trained.

Supplies are a hot topic in the world of health care. Right now, we have adequate supplies. Though there is strain on supply chains, we are doing what we can to mitigate, anticipate, and conserve. Imagining all possible scenarios, we have pulled together resources for the remote event of needing to make masks. Anyone with sewing skills who may be interested in volunteering services, wants to learn more, or may have materials to donate for this is invited to reach out to our lovely coordinator, Angela, at We have directions, video instructions, and some supplies, such as elastic needed for ear loops, that we might be able to provide. Anything we collect that we end up not needing will be donated to those with challenged immune systems.

Lastly, please do check out community Facebook pages. We welcome specific questions to Our dedicated hotline number (971-804-3989) continues to have a greeting message with the latest updates and is a great place to leave voicemail or send text messages for questions when you are looking for specific information about our COVID-19 preparations, updates, or procedures. Other fun community postings and video can be found on our Generations Universe YouTube channel


Melody Gabriel, CEO