COVID-19 Updates

Update from our CEO, Melody Gabriel

RE: Our Adopting of New Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Guidelines

We are dedicated to keeping you informed of measures we are actively taking to protect and cherish the members of our community and we will be providing regular updates. Ensuring our residents and staff have a safe and healthy environment is our greatest concern.

We have been advised by CMS to restrict all visitors and non-essential health care personnel, with some exceptions.**

We are here notifying you to please defer any visitations and in person interactions until further notice. If you know of anyone we may not have reached through this letter, through our entryway/onsite signage, and/or our online updates, we request that you please share with your loved ones this update. We invited residents to engage with loved ones via phone, text, facetime, etc. Our team is happy to assist.

 In addition, we would like you to know some ongoing and/or further measures we are taking:

  • We continue with recommended and best practice infection prevention procedures and maintaining important critical emergency supplies.
  • We continue to screen all necessary/critical professionals and vendors and our staff for exposure risk. Those with any respiratory symptoms and/or known exposure risk are escorted off campus.
  • We are monitoring our staff and residents for fever and respiratory symptoms throughout the day.
  • While we are screening and verifying the absence of symptoms, we also ask for self-monitoring and reporting. Any person who enters our community is asked to monitor for signs and symptoms of respiratory infection, for at least 14 days after exiting the community. If symptoms occur, please self-isolate at home, contact your healthcare provider, and immediately notify us.
  • We are cancelling all group activities. Our Vitality teams are focusing on engaging residents in ways to limit physical contact, limiting transportation to necessary medical appointments, and are enriching lives in creative ways, such as through the distribution of Vitality kits to encourage engagement from within resident apartments. Social distancing is community policy. We are reminding residents to perform frequent hand hygiene.
  • We are canceling all communal dining. Our Culinary teams are providing meal tray service/delivery options. For those residents who require observation we are adopting this requirement as creatively as possible.
  • We are facilitating drop off locations for online orders/food delivery, and/or family care packages you may wish to deliver or send. Please use the main campus entrance address to route all deliveries to the proper entry points. We will ensure internal delivery to residents.

It is our honor, intention, and responsibility to provide a community environment that cherishes those who live and work in it. Having this purpose close to heart makes the difficult decisions easier, because we know who we love and serve. We plan to care for our people with every resource and best practice in our toolkit. We face these unusual times together and wish to thank you for standing with us. Together we are strong and ready.

Please take care of yourself, each other, and your family.


Melody Gabriel, CEO


** Exceptions may be made, conditionally, for certain compassionate care situations, such as an end-of-life situations. Decisions about visitation during an end of life situation will be made on a case by case basis, which will include careful screenings of the visitor (including clergy, bereavement counselors, etc.) for fever or respiratory symptoms. Those with symptoms of a respiratory infection (fever, cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat) will, much to our regret, not be permitted to enter the community, regardless of an end-of-life situations. We are required to limit visitors to two (2) at one time. Those visitors that are permitted, must wear a facemask while in the building, follow staff instruction on PPE, and restrict their visit to the resident’s room or other designated location. Those visitors will be reminded to frequently perform hand hygiene. We have been advised by CMS to tell visitors to refrain from physical contact and to practice social distances with no hand-shaking or hugging, remaining six feet apart.

COVID-19 Update from Generations

As we continue to act with an abundance of caution and to hold the wellness of our residents and employees as our top priority, we have put in place some additional efforts to continue to keep our residents and staff safe and healthy. At this time, we will implement these additional protocols:

  • No visitors, including family, will be allowed into the community. Exceptions will of course be made for essential visits*. We ask that you engage with your loved ones via phone, text, facetime, etc. Our team is happy to assist.
  • We are continuing to follow recommendations from the CDC which includes social distancing. The safest place for your loved one is at home in our community with limited interaction.
  • Dining areas will close or will implement a program where residents will be at least 6’ apart. We will bring meals directly to resident apartments as needed and ensure everyone stays hydrated and has the nutrition they want and need throughout the day.
  • In addition to closely monitoring all residents for signs of illness, we are checking their temperatures as needed. We are also screening all staff members and anyone who enters the community for what has been deemed an essential visit.
  • Our Vitality team will be providing in-room activities and will continue to bring enrichment to our residents each day, and Vitality programs will be limited to 10 or less people.
  • Operational leadership will be on hand all weekend, so please reach out if we can assist or answer questions.
  • We are grateful to report as of today, none of our communities have any confirmed cases of coronavirus.


Letter From Our CEO

Because our cherished residents are our first priority and older adults are the most vulnerable to COVID-19, and because the dynamics and timeline of transmission are still being understood, we are acting out of a great abundance of caution to keep our community healthy and well. We want to continue to keep you informed of measures we are actively taking. A happy, healthy community takes a village!

  • We are limiting visitors to those defined as essential.* Visiting hours are between 8:00am and 5:00pm. We ask that you engage with your loved ones via phone, text, facetime, etc. Our team is happy to assist.
  • All essential visitors, visiting professionals, and vendors are being directed to specific community entrances where they will be screened for exposure risk. Anyone with an symptoms of respiratory illness, international travel in the last 14 days, or any exposure to those with known or suspect COVID-19 or suspect respiratory illness are being deterred. All visitors are being directed to handwashing stations before proceeding on campus.
  • Our Sales Associates are doing preemptive screening of any potential move-ins should any of those persons have possible exposure risk or symptoms.
  • Our staff are being screened for exposure risk or symptoms daily before their shift start.
  • Our Vitality teams are reorganizing our programming. We will not host outside guests or big groups and have limited transportation to scenic drives and medical appointments.
  • We continue with recommended and best practice infection prevention procedures, refreshing related staff trainings, and maintaining important critical emergency supplies.
  • We have steps in place for execution in the event of various scenarios, including if there is a case on campus.
  • We will reach out to you with further updates and will continue to post general updates on our community’s facebook page.
  • We have been tracking updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations, specifically those focused on protecting seniors.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to or

Melody Gabriel


Essential individual includes:

  • Community staff;
  • Outside medical personnel;
  • Necessary vendors;
  • Adult protective services staff;
  • Licensing and survey staff;
  • Long Term Care Ombudsman and Deputies (not volunteers);
  • Friends or family members visiting during end-of-life stages;
  • Friends or family who are essential for the individual’s emotional well-being and care.

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Campuses Experiencing Positive COVID-19 cases, as of today: