Vitality at Generations - Mind Body Spirit A rich social environment, with interests to pursue, friendship and support to rely on, and good food to enjoy, leads to longer, healthier, and happier lives. At Generations, we believe that engagement is key to thriving. That is why we place such a high priority on our Vitality programs, which foster physical, mental, and spiritual growth according to the needs and preferences of each individual.

  • Mind: Keeping the brain active and engaged can be accomplished in so many ways. Our communities offer a range of options that help residents increase and hone their mental acumen. Taking part in book groups, choirs, and even college courses, delivered in partnership with local educational institutes, can contribute to neural pathway building and challenge intellectual goals.
  • Body: Generations was among the first to offer a fitness center for senior community residents, underscoring our belief that physical health is an important part of long-term well-being. Our communities may include everything from swimming pools and guided senior fitness programs to golf courses and ping pong. And we offer all residents a senior fitness test designed to help them assess their capabilities and areas of opportunity. Individualized plans created for those interested empower residents and staff to focus on personal goals and chart improvements.
  • Spirit: Spirituality means many things to many people, and while the personal definition may vary, for all of us it involves a sense of connection, meaning, and being in touch with our best selves. This is why we support residents’ spiritual needs, tied to organized religion or not. Most communities include a dedicated chapel and on-staff chaplain, and program offerings include meditation sessions and mindfulness exercises. Family involvement can be impactful on spiritual health, so we organize many multigenerational social events to bring extended families together.