Memory Care in Layton, Utah

Memory Care in Layton, Utah

Generations in Layton, UT, is a memory care community that offers a secure and comfortable environment with ample living spaces, dining options, recreational activities, and transportation services. Our mission is to assist seniors in preserving their independence and enhancing their quality of life by providing the necessary support and care.

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What memory care services does Generations in Layton, Utah provide?

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Generations’ Fairfield Village in Layton, Utah provides a variety of memory care services for seniors. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and support to those living with memory loss. Our memory care services include 24-hour supervision and assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. 


We at Fairfield Village also provide specialized activities and therapies designed to help stimulate the mind and body, including music therapy, art therapy, and pet therapy.



Our staff at Fairfield Village is trained to recognize and respond to the unique needs of those living with memory loss, and we strive to create a safe and secure environment for our residents. We understand that memory loss can be a difficult and emotional journey, and we are here to provide the support and care needed to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Where can I find memory care in Layton, UT?

Generations’ Fairfield Village located in Layton, UT, is a premier provider of memory care. For those seeking memory care services in Layton, Generations provides a wide range of options, from assisted living to residential care. The community offers a safe and secure environment for those who require memory care, as well as activities and programs tailored to the individual needs of residents.



The staff at Fairfield Village are knowledgeable and experienced in providing quality care to individuals with memory impairments. Generations also provides a variety of amenities and services, including 24-hour medical care, a full-service salon and spa, and an on-site pharmacy.



Residents at Fairfield Village have access to an array of recreational activities, including art therapy, gardening, and exercise classes, as well as a full range of social activities.



Furthermore, Generations’ Fairfield Village offers personalized meal plans and nutritional counseling to ensure the best possible care for its residents. For those seeking memory care in Layton, UT, Generations is the ideal choice.

Memory care Frequently Asked Questions

Generations in Layton, UT offers a wide range of support services for families. From senior living to assisted living, Generations provides a safe and comfortable environment for seniors and their families. They offer a variety of activities and amenities to help seniors stay active and engaged, as well as providing support for families who may need assistance with caregiving.


Generations also provides counseling and support services to help families navigate the challenges of aging. With a focus on providing quality care and support, Generations is dedicated to helping families in Layton, UT.

Generations in Layton, UT offers a comprehensive memory care program designed to help seniors with memory loss. Our team of experienced professionals provides personalized care and support to ensure that each resident receives the best possible care.


Our memory care program includes activities and therapies that are tailored to the individual needs of each resident. We also provide a safe and secure environment with 24-hour supervision and monitoring. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and support to ensure that each resident is able to live a life of dignity and independence.

Generations in Layton, UT provides a variety of resources for seniors. From independent living to assisted living, Generations offers a range of services to meet the needs of seniors. They also provide a variety of amenities, such as a fitness center, library, and beauty salon.


Additionally, Generations offers a variety of activities and events to keep seniors engaged and active. From educational classes to social gatherings, Generations provides a variety of activities to keep seniors engaged and entertained. With a variety of resources and amenities, Generations in Layton, UT is a great place for seniors to call home.

Generations in Layton, UT has been providing quality care for seniors for over two decades. They are committed to offering a safe and supportive environment for those with memory care needs. They offer a full range of services, like medication management, daily activities, and social programs, tailored to the individual’s needs.


The staff is highly trained and knowledgeable in providing compassionate care. They are dedicated to providing a high-quality, loving environment for those with memory care needs. Generations has the experience and commitment to assist those in need of memory care services.

Fairfield Village Reviews

Noah BridgeNoah Bridge
19:25 01 Jul 24
I have thoroughly enjoyed working at Fairfield Village! There is a strong culture of love and support that employees have both between each other and with residents. They go all out to provide fun outings and events that really bring the community we have in this facility together. There is great diversity in the activities provided with consistently exceptional entertainment from various artists and musicians.
Follet BushnellFollet Bushnell
01:39 01 Jul 24
I am biased because my wife works there but I would like to say that Fairfield Village is a wonderful community. I have spent many hours at Fairfield and have come to know and appreciate the staff and residents.Andrea goes above and beyond putting together activities for the residents AND she and her staff put on AMAZING community events. She loves her job because of her passion for the people. When I visit, I see how comfortable the residents are and how happy they seem.I am most familiar with the Independent side; they greet me by name and are always very friendly and helpful.
Alyssa PalmerAlyssa Palmer
01:11 01 Jul 24
Fairfield is such a welcoming place. The staff are like a community, we all work together to serve the residents and make Fairfield a better place, if it is wasn’t already a great place to begin with. Anyone given the opportunity to either live or work at Fairfield is sure to have an amazing experience.
Carol EgbertCarol Egbert
22:09 27 Jun 24
I kept a close eye on Fairfield when it was being built years ago. Our family always admired its beauty, and then one of my friends who had Parkinson's move into Assisted Living section. When I visited my dear friend at Fairfield, I appreciated the cleanliness and how good it smelled when walking through the front doors. I now live in Assisted Living and appreciate the friendliness of everyone who works here. I appreciate that maintenance keeps the facilities maintained and how housekeeping keeps it very clean. I was in rehab for a bit and appreciated that experience and how well they took care of me. I would recommend this place without any question. Thank you, Fairfield.
KelliAnn HollowayKelliAnn Holloway
16:29 20 Jun 24
I have worked at Fairfield in the Assisted Living department for almost five years and I have loved every moment of it. I have learned so much and have built amazing relationships with my coworkers and the residents. I would always recommend employment here for anyone, especially those who are looking to get their foot in the doors and build their experience. Fairfield loves to give others the opportunity to start and grow in healthcare, they gave that to me and I will forever be grateful. I would also recommend those whose loved ones are needing more help and a welcoming home like environment, I see the amazing care we give to our residents everyday. Here at Fairfield we love welcoming new residents, and visitors. I hear feedback all of the time that everyone is so nice and always says "hello" to you with a smile, and it really is true.
Brenda HunterBrenda Hunter
00:43 03 Jun 24
I have lived here for almost 3 years now. Their activities are fabulous and my friends here are great! The staff here care about all the residents, I just cannot say enough about the sweet people that serve me here. The only complaint I have is that they keep raising our rent and that has been a hardship on my fixed income.
Sue RSue R
14:58 28 May 24
What a wonderful place to be! Our family loves visiting Mom there. Here are things we appreciate.The food is wonderful with many choicesWe love the opportunity to eat lunch or dinner with Mom.Many ways to engage with fun activitiesChurch meetings on siteHair salon on siteHousekeepers are kind and helpful.Laundry is close and convenientIt’s a beautiful place inside and outThe Staff is exceptional, They are always kind and helpful.My Mom feels safe in this beautiful place.I know many people who have had family at Fairfield and they all have sweet things to say about their experience.We love Fairfield Village, It’s the best!Susan Rammell
Rachelle RoseRachelle Rose
18:54 16 May 24
Working at Fairfield village is such a wonderful experience. I absolutely love the connections I have made with the residents and my coworkers. It’s such a fun and loving environment!
Seong BarnesSeong Barnes
03:32 08 May 24
Huge Kudos to Fairfield!!!I am very impressed by all of Fairfield assisted living, Memory care, Independent living and rehab. All of the staff from administration to nurses (who have been at Fairfield for many years which is very uncommon in facilities), to cnas, med techs, activity, receptionists, housekeeping, maintenance, transportation, and kitchen staff are all second to none! There’s a feeling of ‘family’ among the staff and residents that you don’t find in any other facility. Every resident is cherished, known and called by their name. I’ve never seen a facility so accommodating to their residents! Your parents will love it too!! I wished there was a Fairfield facility in Salt Lake County!!
Janie EdwardsJanie Edwards
18:07 07 May 24
Beautiful, top notch facility—from excellent resident care and cleanliness to a beautiful dining area with good food. Outstanding activity program geared towards our wants and needs including crafts, exercise, games, outings and more. I love it here!
Jeff HickmanJeff Hickman
19:33 05 May 24
Fairfield Village is an exceptional Senior Living Facility.We moved my Father and Step Mother into independent living in April of 2023. They have been extremely comfortable, and have enjoyed the excellent care by the staff.We just moved them from independent living into assisted living and the care is even more caring and diligent.I work as a professional Firefighter in Sacramento California. My first in area has no less than 10 similar (Nationwide and well known) facilities , and Fairfield Village would be at the top!I strongly recommend this as home for the specific needs of your family members!
SHERRY MorrillSHERRY Morrill
23:53 29 Apr 24
Best Place to home away from home! The management is great...and the residents are the BEST!
JanaLee MillardJanaLee Millard
22:50 29 Apr 24
We love Fairfield Village! My brothers and I were looking at options for our parents. They needed more "life" in their life. We toured Fairfield, Sherry was fantastic. The tour was engaging and the feeling of the community was warm and enviting. After touring other facilities we decided this was the place and we are so pleased with the decision. The staff is so hard working and very willing to listen. It is a great solution for our family!!! Thanks Fairfield ❤️
Joleen & Gary GinesJoleen & Gary Gines
22:41 29 Apr 24
This place is great. The people are so friendly and the facility is clean. They have good activities. Food is good. We’re grateful to live here.
Wayne EckmanWayne Eckman
19:55 11 Apr 24
My mother has been a resident in the assisted living portion of Fairfield Village in Layton, Utah for almost six months. The management and staff have been great to work with. The medical team is wonderful! Linda and others at the front desk are always helpful and courteous. I have eaten several meals in the cafeteria with my mother and they serve tasty meals and do it efficiently. The programs and events that are planned for the residents are always good. My wife and I are happy with the care my mother receives and all the people who work there. I would recommend it to anyone who may be considering the need for assisted living for themselves or a loved one.Wayne Eckman
Lloyd RobisonLloyd Robison
02:20 25 Feb 24
We have been looking for a place for my parents where they can get the care that they need. We really appreciate the kindness and hospitality that we received for our walk-in tour and meeting with management. They carefully answered all our questions.
Christina MorenoChristina Moreno
19:45 08 Nov 23
I went in here unsure what to expect really. I was treated with great care. All the staff, nurses, therapists and aides were so friendly and really cared about my well being. I felt like I gained another family while staying here. I was unsure and concerned about my new diet, but both Izzy and Bryan went out of their way to make sure I understood it and even checked in on me in my room. They answered all my questions and even made sure I had salad dressings and marinate I could use on my food so it wasn't so bland. When it was time for me to finally go home many of us cried. We were happy I was improving but sad I was leaving, just like family. I absolutely recommend this place to anyone going through transition from hospital before home. Thank you all again. I will be visiting soon, but this time as a healthier version of me.
Azael VIAzael VI
19:52 01 Oct 23
My Father lived in Fairfield Independent Living and Assisted Living over the course of 2 years. He was in and out of their Rehabilitation center a couple times too. He loved it there (especially the activates) and really enjoyed talking with new friends and staff members. They staff made him feel comfortable and safe. They went out of their way to assist him while in Independent Living until we moved him to the Assisted Living complex. The only complaint he had was the food....but that would be the same almost anywhere I bet. Defiantly not inexpensive (nearly 6K a month at the end!), but the service he and I received was well worth the cost. I can't thank the staff enough for helping me with him through his final two years.Chris
Copper D'avisCopper D'avis
01:10 21 Sep 23
I want to thank you for the excellent customer service we have received from Nancy, Izzy, and their staff. The menu is more than expected, and we are glad to be part of the community.
april sanchezapril sanchez
17:25 27 Jun 23
this place is terrible my sister applied here got the job she last talked to them on a friday over the weekend the whole internet service was having issues so everyone in the area we live in had no inter net tell the following day they tried to reach her by email and they couldnt mind you this was over the weekend and no internet for the whole day so come monday they say they gave the job to someone else because they couldn't get a hold of her when she has no control over the issue and instead of being professional and talking to her come monday no they just care about themselves if i was treated like this i wouldn't want to work for them if the can treat someone like this imagine how they will treat there residents sad horrible place to have people like this over people
Joel DarioJoel Dario
02:43 02 May 23
The culinary department at Fairfield Village supports the resort-style living that they strive for. The kitchen managers, Izzie and Angel, keep the menu changing and ensure quality in every dish for the residents. Providing the residents with different options everyday with new and delicious food, paired with the excellent service makes the everyday meals amazing.
Tammi TukeTammi Tuke
03:55 17 Sep 22
I just want to give a shout out for the fabulous food they have at Fairfield village. The person in charge of the kitchen (Izzy) his food is so yummy. My mother in law says she's never eaten so good before. And everytime I've eaten something from there it's been excellent. It's almost eating fine dining for the meals. Super variety as well. Something for everyone. I think I need to move in just for the food alone.
Nancy HastingsNancy Hastings
12:52 17 Aug 22
My father had rehab at this facility after 3 surgeries. EVERYONE WAS INCREDIBLE!!! From Kaitlin, Cecily, Meagan all RN and the CNA equally wonderful Ian, Meagan, Zack, Camilla, Kendal; loved how clean the facility was, thank you Angelica and the OT were wonderful, Cammie and Denise and PT Mike; thank you also Kathy and Nikki. From the Sandoval Family... keep up the good work!
00:12 19 Nov 19
Fairfield Village Independent Living was wonderful for my dad. He enjoyed all of the people there, both the patients and the staff. All of the staff there, bend over backwards to make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable. They are a pleasure to work with. The food is very good and they have a great variety. The cleaning staff does a great job, making sure that the units are always clean and the linens changed. It took a great deal of stress off of me knowing that my dad had people around him that genuinely cared. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a safe, clean and hospitable place for their loved ones.
Fairfield Village of Layton Assisted Living is an excellent facility with a very caring and helpful staff. The location is relaxing and comfortable both for guests and visitors.

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