What is Considered Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a type of senior housing that provides assistance with daily living activities such as bathing, cooking, shopping, and medication management. While it’s not necessarily a nursing home, it does share some similarities. Assisted living communities are designed to provide comfort and security for their residents, who are typically between 60 and 99 years old. While the community may provide some assistance with activities of daily living, such as eating or taking a bath, it does not provide the same level of medical care as a nursing home. Assisted living communities are designed to be a step up from a retirement home or condo. They offer more room and amenities, such as a kitchen, dining room, living room, and two or three bedrooms. They may also have a private bath for each resident and a shared bath for all residents. Assisted living communities usually have 24-hour staff, including a healthcare professional, a cook, and a cleaning person.

What services are included in assisted living?

There are a number of services that are included in assisted living, including help with daily activities, meals, medication management, and spiritual services. Generations Assisted Living communities have locations throughout the Western US. They are each managed by a team of talented and dedicated staff. Our Assisted living communities are smaller than traditional nursing homes, and we offer different types of care: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Post Acute Care and Memory Care.

How is assisted living different from a nursing home?

Assisted living communities are designed for people who are able to live independently but need some assistance with daily activities. These communities provide a home-like setting for seniors who need help with grooming, eating, and getting around. They also have a staff with health care professionals on hand to provide assistance with any medical problems that may arise. Assisted living is a type of senior housing that provides assistance with daily living tasks such as eating, toileting, and getting in and out of bed. It’s not designed to completely take over these functions, so it’s still a form of senior housing rather than a nursing home. In addition to providing assistance with daily living, assisted living communities offer some amenities such as a communal kitchen and dining room, a library, a TV room, a beauty salon, and a fitness center. The amenities featured at each Generations Assisted Living location differ with location. Assisted living is a good option for people who need some assistance with daily living but can still live on their own.

What age range is assisted living designed for?

Assisted living is designed for seniors who need some assistance with daily activities, but are able to live independently. This includes people who are able to take care of themselves, but need help with bathing, dressing, or eating. Post Acute Care communities may also be a good option for seniors who are recovering from an illness or injury. 

Generations communities range in size and design, and they offer a wide range of amenities. Some of our communities offer services like grocery shopping, laundry, transportation, and church services. The age range for assisted living can vary depending on the type of community. In general, assisted living is for seniors who are no longer able to live on their own without assistance.

What amenities are typically offered in an assisted living community?

Generations Assisted Living communities offer a variety of amenities to make your loved one’s stay as comfortable as possible. Our communities typically feature a variety of rooms, all of which are individually-furnished. Additionally, our Assisted Living communities offer social amenities that include communal areas, such as a dining room, living room or library, as well as activities such as bingo or card games. Each Generations community has a monthly events calendar.

Some health amenities include medical and nursing care, including checkups, treatments and medications. Personal amenities include transportation, help with bathing and dressing, and assistance with household tasks such as grocery shopping.

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