Top 5 Signs it is Time for Memory Care Living?

What are the top 5 signs it is time for memory care living?

Deciding to move a loved one into memory care living can be fraught with emotion and confusing. Some days may be good; some days may be bad. Here are some signs that may help you determine if memory care is right for your parent.

  1. Safety: mobility issues that prevent them from performing daily tasks; taken multiple falls; or, forgetfulness leads to leaving the stove on, etc. For tips on how to make a household safe, visit the see the Home Safety Checklist from the Alzheimer’s Association.
  2. Hallucinations: auditory and/or visual
  3. Getting lost: wandering from home, getting lost in familiar areas, or forgetting where they are going
  4. Agitation and aggression: verbal or physical
  5. Unhealthy weight loss: not regularly eating due to forgetting

Generations is here to help you with this delicate transition. We have specially designed memory care living services and amenities to support a well-respected lifestyle of safety, wellbeing, and engagement. For additional resources and information, visit

Contact now or call to find out more. We’re here to help you navigate this process.

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