Engaging Activities for Memory Care Residents

Activities are key for people living with Alzheimer’s, living with dementia or other memory issues. At Generations we offer benefits such as cognitive stimulation, the opportunity to connect with others, comfort and relaxation, and more.

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia benefit from engagement and productivity. At our memory care facilities, we have activities and entertainment to encourage social interaction. We also incorporate activities that reduce anxiety, stimulate the brain, and inspire feelings of accomplishment among our residents.

Plus, we focus on physical activity and exercises to maintain physical strength and balance. Physical exercise is great for the mind, too.

Each day at Generations’ communities is a chance for our residents to socialize, have fun, and be good to themselves.

There’s always something to enjoy here. Our calendar of events has many ways to engage our memory care residents daily. We offer fitness classes. We embark on scenic drives around community locations. We host news & views gatherings in our theaters. Chair dancing, evening wind downs, movies, comedy, worship and church services are few examples of activities available.

There are opportunities for residents to enjoy creative time with jewelry making, painting, afternoon sing-a-longs, crafts, and more. We’ve got bingo, trivia, and floor and table games.

While structure and routine is important, we also make space for unplanned activities. Our courtyards and gardens with walking paths and landscaped grounds support activity outside and to happen naturally.

Our staff facilitates simple, brief activities offered several times a day to be effective. We support our residents with the benefits of different types of activities.

Activities such as simple games can help to maintain motor skills. Listening to music in our community room is also a very calming and engaging activity.
We place focus on the person and not the condition. We try to match people with activities that suit their background and experience.

Everything here is at our resident’s preference and pace.

If you are looking for a caregiver resource for memory care activities, we recommend reading this resource here.

Give us a call 503-461-1853 if you want to discuss more engaging activities for Memory Care residents.

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