Who Qualifies for Assisted Living?

Here’s the thing: nobody “qualifies” for assisted living. If you’re here, reading this now, chances are you’re considering assisted living for you or your loved ones. If you’re thinking of the future and what it looks like for your parents or other family members. You either need to be in assisted living or not.
Let’s discuss what assisted living is, this idea of qualifying for it, and how Montage Heights can help you and your loved ones in the future.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living offers long-term care solutions for seniors. This includes housing, meals, medical assistance, and much more, depending on the community and situation. This is provided in a residential setting, giving seniors home and community to call their own as they enter their golden years. Anyone getting older might need assisted living, especially those suffering from chronic illness or disease.

How to “Qualify” for Assisted Living

Nobody qualifies for assisted living. You either need it, or you don’t. Every senior has different circumstances and situations to deal with as they get older. If you need help continuing to live life as you age, chances are Assisted Living would help you keep getting everything you want out of the world.

Many entering assisted living may have recently had an illness that set them back, such as a stroke or heart attack. Others may be dealing with a chronic condition like COPD, heart disease, or Parkinson’s Disease.
Assisted living is for everyone – no “qualifications” are needed. An even more extensive set of seniors needs help with everyday activities, like bathing, eating, running errands, or going to the doctors. As the body ages, things take longer and aren’t as easy to do as they were when you were younger.

Income Options for Assisted Living

If you’re interested in assisted living, you want to start saving early for retirement. Many seniors end up using private funds, Social Security, and, if they’re lucky, some insurance benefits to help cover the costs of an assisted living community. By saving early and preparing for retirement, you won’t be caught off guard by assisted living expenses. For a good neighborhood, prices can start as little as $3000 a month.

Consider some of the following as you begin to plan for assisted living in retirement:

  • Look at your 401k, pension, and retirement funds to ensure you’re saving enough. Contribute more if you can.
  • Ask the family for help or tell them you may need help in the future so they can begin planning.
  • Investigate low-income grants, programs, and options through the federal and state governments.

Remember that Medicare doesn’t cover assisted living. You can’t rely on it to help fund monthly expenses when moving into a community.

Generations Offer Assisted Living Options and More for Seniors

As you get older, you must keep thinking about what comes next. For many seniors who still want a taste of independent living but need some help, assisted living options like Montage Heights to exist for a reason. Contact us to talk about your situation, what you want out of the rest of your life, and how we can make our community your new home.