Finding Senior Living For A Couple

Couple in senior living

What Level of Care Does My Loved One Need?

Evaluating the needs of each person in the couple is the first priority. Do they require different levels of care? If so, it is important to find a community that offers both levels of care, for example one that offers both Assisted and Independent Living. The right community should also allow for easy access between partners and allow them to remain together as a couple if that is their desire.


All couples deserve privacy. Ensure that your loved ones tour the community beforehand to see if it has adequate space for their needs. Something to note is that two-bedroom suites are often in high demand, so if that is something your loved ones are looking for, it is important to request in advance. Similarly, check with the community and see what their rules regarding intimacy are. While it might be a little embarrassing for some, knowing the rules and guidelines surrounding sex in the community is an important part to evaluating if the community is suitable for your loved ones.


Finally, listen to your loved ones and respect their wishes. They may want to stay close but in separate apartments, for example. This is especially true if loved ones have different care requirements.