Making the Move


How to Know When It’s Time to Move Parents

Moving is a big decision. However, many families put off making a move until a loved one experiences a health crisis. There are signs to help you know when it is time to consider the move.

You’ve likely noticed some things getting more difficult, and it’s natural to have increased concerns for your aging parents or loved ones living on their own. For seniors, the risk of potential medical conditions grows as they get older, and they may need regular medical attention that is difficult to manage at home. If your loved one has experienced health concerns including falls, memory loss, or other medical conditions outside of their capacity to control and treat, it may be time to consider helping them move to a community at Generations. Some additional signs to look for:

    • Outside of health, daily routines, including hygiene and home maintenance, have become more difficult. Indications of this include messy homes, clutter, spoiled or outdated food, and unpaid bills.
    • They seem lonely and isolated. Our motto at Generations is “we’re meant to be together” – and we believe this! Human beings are wired for connection and living alone can have a debilitating impact on mental and physical health. Senior living offers a community for your loved ones where they can engage with others of all ages, building bonds and friendships that do wonders for mental health and well-being.