Did You Know? 8 Interesting Things About Generations, 1 For Every Decade of Assisted and Independent Living

This month Generations is celebrating 80 years in the Assisted and Independent Living business. More than just providing Assisted and Independent Living, Generations offers a family-oriented, holistic approach to their services. In celebration here is a list of eight interesting things about Generations, one for every decade!

1. Family-run and flourishing

With 80 years in the business and three generations of experience, Generations provides a unique environment for its residents. Research shows that family-run businesses are more resilient, better employers and better community citizens than other businesses. When we put people at the heart of what we do, we all thrive. It’s what we’ve been doing at Generations for 80 years. 

2. A female foundation

Driven by a desire to care for others, Mabel Maddock operated a “rest home” for seniors. Unusual for its time, Mabel ran this rest home with a man at her side and a young Wendell White learning the ropes. With an unrelenting drive to be the best, Mabel and her husband created an assisted living facility that put family at the heart of caregiving. They passed this philosophy on to future Generations founder Wendell, who grew up at the rest home. Generations continues to push the envelope on innovation and service with Melody Gabriel, Wendell White’s daughter, as the Generations CEO and owner. 

3. Bigger than you might think

Generations has become an established and successful developer, building over 40 senior housing properties in the last few decades. What this means is that the Generations philosophy of “Family caring for family” has impacted 1700+ residents and 1500 staff members, plus, the families of both.

4. Family matters

Many believe that taking care of the elder generation is a family matter. At Generations we believe that family matters, and our mission is to take care of your family just like we would our own family. With more than three generations of experience, Generations independent living and assisted living facilities put family first — and that matters. Our family truly is taking care of you and your family.

5. Walking the walk

Generations created an innovative model of independent and assisted living facilities that we would want for our own families. Case in point: Wendell White, founder and current company chairman, lives at one of the Generations facilities with his wife.

6. “We can always do better.”

Mabel Maddock’s intention to “always do better” was instilled in the DNA of the Generations family. Building on her radical tradition of service excellence and innovative design, we continue her legacy by offering beautiful communities where thriving, dynamic people could participate in a wide array of indoor and outdoor activities, with the support they need.

7. True ownership

We thoughtfully steward every part of our business including design and architecture, development, construction, management, and community ownership. The result is a community that truly works for residents, their families and employees. Check out these Generations Communities to see what we’re talking about.

8. Did you know…..our founder Wendell White was one of a few to create the concept of Assisted Living?

Wendell has been a pioneer in the Senior Living industry since 1965, and, relying on his experience growing up in a senior “rest home,” he built communities that illustrated a new vision for Independent Living and Assisted Living. By focusing on intergenerational social interaction, healthy living, and feeling at home, Generations created a new model for senior care that has lasted, well, generations.

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