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Generations Residents and Employees to be among the first to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine!

Social distancing and wearing masks have become daily precautionary measures for Americans as this global pandemic reaches far and wide. Keeping you and your loved ones safe have been Generations’ number one priority during these challenging times. Generations will be part of the first wave of COVID-19 vaccine phases in California, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. While these timelines are fluid, healthcare workers and residents in long-term care facilities can rest assured that state governments see the risk COVID-19 poses for us all. They are prioritizing taking care of us so that we can take care of others.

“Our staff, our healthcare heroes, and our residents – the reason we are here – have all put in extraordinary effort, adapted to tremendous change, and made personal sacrifices to reach this moment. They are among those whom the most has been asked during this pandemic and they did it on faith that we would get to this moment. It is wildly appropriate that they are honored with such an early opportunity to receive the vaccine.” – Rebecca Stayner, Generations Support Team.

In conjunction with the CDC, the FDA is working with states to ensure distribution plans for the COVID-19 vaccine. This includes opening storage facilities, vaccine distribution centers and ensuring those most vulnerable to COVID-19 are protected in hospital and long-term care facilities. This also includes frontline workers who put their life at risk daily to care for patients and residents. We do not have an exact time frame for when the vaccine will roll out. Our team is working with local and state governments to plan the distribution of the
COVID-19 vaccine to our staff and residents. As of now, the CDC and FDA expect the vaccine to be two doses for maximum efficacy with a rollout starting by the end of 2020.  Our onsite clinics will ensure our residents and staff can quickly and easily get theCOVID-19 vaccine as soon as available. This is at zero cost to everyone involved. As soon as our onsite clinics are scheduled, our residents, staff, and families will be the first to know.

Generations will continue to adhere to CDC guidelines in COVID-19 prevention. From personal protection equipment, testing our staff and residents, and continuing to adhere to mask-wearing and social distancing, Generations will continue to be diligent with precautions and infection control measures to help keep residents, staff, and our communities safe. We will continue to provide updates to the public, our staff, families, and our residents as we have them.

Generations is grateful to the CDC, FDA, and state and local governments for prioritizing our residents and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to distributing the vaccine and prioritizing everyone’s health and safety within the Generations family as we continue to face daily life in the COVID era.

officially launched: Generations Family Foundation, A new Non-Profit Resource

July 19, 2018

Currently in fundraising high gear, a new organization has arrived in the Generations Universe.  The Generations Family Foundation is a non-profit resource for employees and residents who can apply to receive assistance and/or relief for hardships caused by an unexpected crisis and has created a financial need. Sustained by employee, resident, and public donations, the GFF invites everyone to contribute. Donations in any amount, no matter how small, are gratefully received and will make a difference to those in need.

“There is no better way to cherish our residents and employees than to be prepared for emergencies. I am glad we have put this foundation in place to help care for our people in need.”
Wendell White, Founder

For more information:
Website: Generations Family Foundation
Call: 503.652.0750

Portland Retirement Community in the much-anticipated San Francisco area

July 13, 2018

A massive senior campus anticipating the Bay Area’s wave of elderly residents is moving forward. Developments Pacific Medical Buildings and Portland-based Generations LLC are negotiating with a local public agency to build up to 800,000 square feet of housing, office and community space on 8.32 acres in Burlingame. Read more

The Portland Business Journal | By Fiona Kelliher

Distinguished Service Awards

The Distinguished Service Awards are held annually in recognition of exceptional performance, achievement, or demonstration of supreme qualities of character and culture so extraordinary as to set the individual Generations employee apart. There are seven (7) categories recognizing specific achievements, some eligible only by specific job position or length of employment.

Watch the videos of our past winners! You can also download the Nomination Form